A note to the McDonoughs

I'm sure a couple of you saw my new web address and thought, "Wait a second. This girl marries into the family and then screws up our name. What's this bitch playing at?" Many have heard - because our friend Tom and I love to tell it - the story about J telling us over and over again that his name is spelled M-C-D-O-N-O-U-G-H after we saw a license plate that said MCDUNA and pointed it out to him. He didn't laugh, or say "Oh yeah, look," but instead said "It's McDonough," and that was that. For him anyway. We've gotten considerable mileage over mocking his somewhat uptight attitude when it comes to the spelling and pronunciation of his last name.

When I went to choose a URL for my new blog site, I wasn't sure what to go for. Unfortunately my first choice - noagenda.com - had already been purchased (by someone, by the way, who isn't even using it, thus upsetting me further) and I didn't really want to use my name as it's actually spelled. That seemed, I thought, as though I was embarking on a more serious endeavour. I thought that caramcdonough.com might be expected to contain scientific data. And writing I wouldn't mind future employers seeing. Not writing, for instance, about strippers at bachelorette parties and whatnot. Although, I don't know, that might work in some situations.

So I thought about the McDuna incident, and how I'd already threatened to use that should I ever get my own website anyway, and decided it was a good fit. Now, with major help from others, I've got the site the way I want it for now, and shall commence, once again, regular posting on this, my new site.

But don't worry, guys. About the name? I mean, I know, I know. It's McDonough.