Warning: In this post J uses language, because he is angry about prostelyzing and the amount of fiber in his diet

This morning we were watching a piece on The Today Show while drinking coffee and having a generally relaxing start to our day. J was also reading this month's issue of Men's Health magazine, which I got him for Christmas after he'd made a comment that he'd like to "try and be more healthy, maybe I should start reading Men's Health or something." I enjoy reading health magazines as well, the only problem being they often urge one to overload their diet with enough with fiber, vitamin E, essence of toad liver and what have to to mean one suddenly has time for nothing else but ingesting supplements.

J was reading aloud, telling me that people who repeat a personal mantra when in stressful situations tend to be more calm than those who don't. "What should my personal mantra be?" he asked me. I was suggesting "I love birds" and a few others when a piece came on the news program about a high school valedictorian, Brittany McComb, whose microphone had been cut off when she was giving her speech during graduation, deviated from the approved script she'd submitted, and started talking about God. She claimed she was just exercising her right to free speech, but the school said since she mentioned things like Jesus's crucifixion, she was clearly speaking about, and to, one religion, and therefore the speech was innapropriate.

J, who was kind of getting unbelievably fired up about liver cancer and preventative measures by this point, stopped reading and glanced up at Brittany, whom he clearly disagreed with, and started talking, rather rapidly and loudly, "Hey. What if someone had thrown a few "fucks" or "shits" in there, huh? How would you feel about "free speech then"? Come on! We need some Fiber Plus! And some Zone Bars!"