When it all gets too serious

I've spent the day, and last night too, kind of obsessing over all the Remembering 9/11 coverage on the news and radio. While mostly this makes me feel sad, I also can't help feeling terribly lucky. And am reminded not to take any of the wonderful people in my life for granted. On days like these, when we know we're supposed to feel serious - much like a funeral, when everyone is afraid to tell a joke or smile, remembering a funny story - I think sometimes the best thing we can do is just that. Reverence on the anniversary of such an enormous event is, of course, of utmost importance, but so is living and living happily.

So when I sat down at the computer just now, feeling sort of heavy with the weight of this day, I did one of my favorite new things, which is to look up the "recent searches" on my stat counter, which tells me what searches led people to this blog. Most are obvious - people who look up my name or Justin's and stumbled upon this site. Some are less so. People looking up the names and phone numbers of restaurants, or looking up geographical locations I've written about.

Some are the best thing I've ever seen.

Like the person who searched the phrase "showering nude," and thus happened upon my online ramblings.

To the person who looked up "showering nude," and then read my blog: thank you for reading, and though I know you must have been disappointed, I hope you realize that, because of you, even on the darkest of days and in the most difficult times, I have faith that this world is filled with not only doom and despair, but fascinating, curious people, who simply want to have some fun, and I consider myself fortunate just to learn of their - and your - existence.