Four things

I got this forward in my inbox this morning, where you're supposed to fill in the answers and send it back to the original senders and all. And BOTH people who filled it out, put, under "four people who will respond," my name. What do they think I'm doing? Sitting around doing nothing with my life? Jesus. Four Things about Me (that you may not have known...)

Four jobs I have had in my life 1. Rock star (third grade) 2. Assistant to the Dean of Engineering, Boston University 3. Answering phones at a radio station 4. World renowned writer

Four Movies I have watched over and over 1. Keeping the Faith 2. Amadeus 3. Lost in Translation 4. The Edge

Four places I have lived 1. Alexandria, VA 2. Boston, MA 3. Raleigh, NC 4. Chapel Thrill

Four TV shows I love to watch 1. The Office 2. Golden Girls (Apparently, I'm not the only one - and here. And here. And this, which is totally insane.) 3. What Not to Wear 4. Most Haunted

Four of my favorite foods When we were looking at the baby book my mother made for me on my 21st birthday, we got a lot of laughs over this little essay I wrote when I was maybe four-years-old (ok, so the teacher probably wrote while I dictated to her) where I said that my favorite food was "asparagus, asparagus, asparagus and corn!" So that's my answer, albeit, an untrue answer.

Four of my favorite desserts 1. Pie, blueberry 2. Ice cream 3. Peanut butter and chocolate - together - in anything 4. Creme brulee

Four places I would rather be right now 1. My own office 2. Italy 3. Maine 4. With J, watching movies

Four people who will respond Not four, everybody, in the comments, and in their own blogs

Four People least likely to respond See above, nobody

Four of my favorite types of music 1. Well, I'm sitting here in my new favorite coffee shop, and I just looked up out the window, after concentrating, I'll admit, way too hard on this survey, and I noticed it's raining ever so slightly, and just as I noticed it, the beautiful people working here put on an Iron and Wine album, and that was a really nice moment. 2. Buffalino, live at McSeagull's 3. #41, a CD compilation made by my roommates and I in 2002 that played in heavy rotation at our place 'til 2003 and no, we didn't get sick of it 4. "Feels so Good," Chuck Mangione