I am reminded of what's important

Today I indulged myself in a little downward spiral of sorts. First I got the Vanity Fair with the Suri Cruise spread, so naturally I spent a while on the couch with that. When I didn't know what to do next, I took a bath and after that I couldn't quite figure out any reason to get dressed because I just didn't do a very good job of getting down to business today. So I sat down, in my towel, in front of the computer and proceeded to chat online with several friends as well as browse MySpace and write emails for a good while - well over an hour - well over the time I normally allow myself to do that. I wrote my friend Carissa an email, explaining what I'd been up to, that I hadn't been very productive today at all, and that I better stop and she wrote me back: "I think you are being totally productive because you are nurturing many friendships at once which is more important in life than anything else. Without friends, whats the point??"