Encouraging young women to go to Rosemont College because the women who go there, clearly, are brilliant

As I've mentioned before, the chair of Rosemont College's Board of Trustees, Ronnie, made me very happy a while back when she mentioned to my parents that she'd somehow stumbled upon my blog and how she liked reading it, you know, probably assuming that they, as you'd assume loving parents would, read the thing. Which, as we've discussed, they don't tend to do. So imagine the outright joy I felt when my father informed me that at a recent Rosemont Board meeting, Ronnie told the entire group about my blog, even giving them the web address so that they might read, too.

What Ronnie may not know is that she is, currently, my best bet at any kind of fame, as no book publishers have yet recognized by potential and I'm relying entirely on word of mouth, and since she is doing such a great job notifying the public (and, can you believe, hasn't even met me! confirmed that I'm an alright individual!) she has, in one fell swoop become not only my favorite reader, but possibly my favorite person in the world.

I apologize to the rest of you, if you wanted to be held in high regard or anything, but, I mean, start dropping the name of this website at parties, at conventions - to your poker buddies, whatever - and then maybe we can talk.