Winter break

Christmas Eve. First, a trip up to Connecticut, and now J and I are settled in the Rotondaro house, waiting for Santa, after a night of good food and drink with family friends. Because we are very lucky people, tomorrow morning will feel like our second Christmas this season, as we exchanged presents with the McDonough side before leaving.

Just so you know, J's sister Bridget got me a year's subscription to "US Weekly," so we'll see if I have time for this blog once I get that first issue.

But seriously, I am going to take a little break until the new year dawns. I'll be back, and I'll be back strong, with resolutions and perhaps some kind of "plan." More likely, I'll be spending as much time as possible at the gym. I've had a lot of cookies.

For those of you attending this year's New Year's Eve party at the Bay, I'll see you there...for those of you who think you might want to come to New Year's at the Bay, but need details, call or email me, and we'll plan. And for the rest of you, may your holidays be merry and bright. I'll be back in mere days with stories and pictures, ready for whatever is next, which just so happens to be me turning 29. No doubt that will include a good therapy session's worth of my very own brand of neurosis. I hope you guys are looking forward to that. I certainly am.

Until 2007...