After a whirlwind of car trips and late nights and serious as well as ridiculous conversations with friends, after opening so many presents and eating lots of junk food bought at gas stations on our way to wherever, after gossiping with my mother and grandmother and mother in law and sisters in law and general quality time with all the family and, of course, finally, throwing a big party and dancing all night, counting down to midnight and toasting the new year with a crowded room full of excited people, we are back and I am tired. I am very tired. But tomorrow I'll tell you all about it. After some coffee. And after maybe playing with all my new Christmas gifts. And after a nice, long hot shower and then maybe I'll take one more tiny nap and then I'll be ready. I'll be ready to tell you all about it, and to attack this new year with vigor and attitude, like the attitude that I won't eat 12 pieces of chocolate for an "afternoon snack to tide me over until dinner" tomorrow like I did today because tomorrow is January 3rd, and that's the day the resolutions really start after all, I mean, January 1st and 2nd are, like, totally a grace period.