Good, clean fun at Clyde's restaurant

Because it's been a stressful week and I a) can't muster the energy to write anything worth you all reading and b) am totally immature, I thought I'd post these photos from our good friends' Sam and Debbie's wedding last weekend in Virginia. The pose

Hey, look at Joe, Tom and Justin, they're so funny - WAIT A SECOND. Wait just one second. Is that a circa 1970s fully nude woman painted on the wall there? Yes, it is.

Honestly, how are we supposed to act normal in these circumstances?

After the beautiful wedding ceremony, we went to the reception, which was a blast, at Clyde's restaurant in Tyson's Corner where these pictures were taken. I'm all for nudes - who isn't? - but these were pretty intense. We kept looking around at the other people in attendance who didn't seem to notice the murals (or at least pretended not to), waiting for them to catch on, like, "HEY GUYS! NAKED PEOPLE! EVERYWHERE!"

And also, taking close-ups of the wall.

Close up

I truly apologize to those of you who read this site for the morality and intellect and so on, although I can't imagine there are many of you who do. I also apologize to anybody who reads this blog because you know my mom, especially if you are a nun. Also, I'm sorry to any kids whose parents are mad at you because they came into your room and saw you looking at this:

The Cara and Lil wrap - now with nude woman

Just explain that the pictures are the result of a group of normally classy friends in their upper 20s who had a few cocktails at at wedding reception and just so happened to do so in a room full of naked-people murals, and that it's not your fault.