On being, and defining, a redneck

This weekend J and I traveled to Atlanta and when driving back yesterday decided to stop and pick up some snacks, use the restroom and stretch our legs. We picked a gas station off the highway, somewhere in South Carolina I think, somewhere relatively far away from any major metropolitan areas, and were pleased to find, upon entering, several guys who worked there chatting about this and that, and it just so happened that one of them didn't, you know, seem to have that many teeth. The other, a young man, who by his own proclamation had held jobs all over the place (including Henderson, North Carolina) and therefore knew his stuff, who told his friends that a recent monster truck rally had attracted thousands. He then proceeded to make fun of those who'd attended, saying that those people tend to be rednecks, "I mean, if you go one of them things, you're bound to be a redneck," he said. While ringing up our stuff one of his buddies said something in response, and our friend, who didn't hear him, looked over and asked "do what?" And I'm not even sure you guys who don't live in the south know what I mean here, but he said "do what" like some southerners sometimes do to ask, "excuse me" or "come again" or what have you, and I just think that maybe people who use "do what" in this manner, just maybe should not be judges of who is, and who is not, a redneck.