Discussing frozen desserts on a romantic holiday

To celebrate Valentine's Day J and I decided that, instead of getting a reservation somewhere and potentially feeling crowded and rushed, we'd stay home and make some great food, like fettuccine alfredo (from scratch, damnit) and little gooey chocolate cakes for dessert. That's right, it was very gourmet in this house last night. Sort of. We started the night with a cocktail J found online (if you want to make fun of us for getting cocktail recipes off the Food Network website, try one of these, and then see how you feel). Upon making our second round of drinks, J started eating the sorbet necessary in the recipe right out of the container, and exclaiming, "I love sorbet!" Somehow, as sometimes happens when you are drinking sparkling wine infused with vodka, we ended up discussing the issue further, and J, completely confused, stopped the conversation to ask, "Wait a second, what's the difference between sorbet and sherbert? Aren't they the same thing?" He went on to explain that he'd always thought sherbet and sorbet weren't only the same thing, but where the same word. And that FANCY people pronounced "sherbet" like "sorbet."

"What??" I asked. "You thought what?" I told him this very much reminded me of the time we talked about wet nurses - how he thought wet nurses are nice women who give old people baths. In any case, it was another lesson learned, and the most important thing is that everything was delicious and we had a great night together, just hanging out and laughing and making a total, complete mess of the kitchen.

Belated Happy Valentine's Day to all my favorite blog readers!