It turns out... (celebrity gossip for those of you who aren't addicted)

...Nicole Richie is really pregnant. I know because there was a story in Us Weekly and Us Weekly tells the truth. I try not to make negative comments about stuff like this in a public forum because, well, people can make their own decisions and all, but I don't know. Nicole Richie...pregnant. YOU be the judge. Turns out CNN anchorwoman Nancy Grace, who is 47, is also pregnant - with twins. Again, no comment. ...Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were hanging out in Kauai right after me and my friends returned and were working on a screenplay. It's basically a huge tragedy that we didn't run into them because maybe Jennifer and I could have talked them into helping us on that screenplay we never finished last summer in Maine. Or maybe we just could have all gone sufring. Whatever. I'm flexible.

...playing "Glorified G" by Pearl Jam really loud in your car while singing along ("always...keep it....LOADED!") with all the windows down really does attract some stares. This is less "celebrity gossip" and more "something I may or may not have done today" but I'm including it in this post because, let's face it, this is the closest I'm going to get to being associated with famous movie stars. Until, of course, they make a movie of my life ("She Loved to Talk to Strangers: The Cara McDonough Story") and I get to pick the actress who will play me (Reese Witherspoon).