Paying it forward (although I think calling what I'm about to do "paying it forward" might be pushing it)

My friend Nicole, who is an excellent knitter and writes about her projects and other aspects of her life on her blog, Knerq, recently wrote a post titled "paying it forward" and said that the first three people to comment would receive a "hand-made something-or-other" in the mail. She got the idea from another blogger who'd written the same sort of post on her site, Baby Rimes, and who (you're starting to get the picture, aren't you?) had gotten the idea from another blogger. Basically, these creative people are participating in an incredibly generous, self-propelled activity that will result in lots of people getting awesome handcrafted stuff in their mailboxes. Naturally, I wanted to be part of it, because I live to foster joy and hope in a world that is sometimes lonely and cold, and also because I love getting stuff in the mail.

So I commented on Nicole's post and the stipulation, you see, is that I have to post the same thing on my site. So I'm not only receiving, I'm "paying it forward." I didn't see that movie, by the way. The one with Kevin Spacey and the "I see dead people" kid. But I don't think it's a requirement.

Anyway, the first three people to comment on this post will receive something handmade by me in the mail. A surprise. Those of you who don't know me that well might think this is pretty cool but I'm pretty sure those who have spent any sort of time with me, particularly in "crafty" situations, know that, well, anything handmade by me isn't going to appreciate in value over the years. Nor is it going to look good on your wall or in your house or on your body. I can sort of knit scarves and other square or rectangular items and as I've mentioned before there was that very troubling period of unemployment where I was obsessively making my own soap, but mainly my crafty side is rather unpolished. I can promise, however, that whatever I send you will be made with love (if not with talent).

The rule? If you comment you have to post the same thing on your own blog if you have one or, I don't know, just do something nice for somebody. I discovered The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation while I was browsing the internet before, and I'm sure they'll have some great ideas. And when in doubt, buy your friend a beer. Don't make fun of someone you normally tease relentlessly. Tell someone you like their outfit - but seriously, only if you do like their outfit, because nobody needs encouragement when they're making atrocious fashion mistakes.