"A Unified Theory of The Hills," on Slate

Troy Patterson can make fun of One of The Best Shows on Television, Ever, because he is very, very funny: "When The Hills left off, Heidi‚Äîwho now resembles an actress in a big-budget romantic comedy, not the cuddly lead but the uptight rival or the workaholic sidekick‚Äîhad called off plans for her wedding to Spencer, presumably because his narcissistic shiftiness renders him absolutely unmarriageable. The show picked back up with her jaunting to her family's house in Crested Butte, Colo., where she put matters into perspective during apr?®s-ski heart-to-hearts with her mother. Spencer arrived unannounced at the ancestral home. Heidi's stepfather cast skeptical glances‚Äîeyes brimming with wariness, baffled stares garnished with pity‚Äîat the poor boy. Spencer played with his phone. They all went out to dinner. Heidi told Spencer off. Crested Butte looked like a very dull town."

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