His and hers

Because the upstairs bathroom in our house features a very charming but slightly impractical old-fashioned clawfoot tub, J who is, let's say, slightly taller than me, immediately ruled out ever trying to take a shower there. Luckily our finished basement also features a full bathroom, with a normal-person-sized shower, and he uses that. I thought that the showering would be it. That he'd wake up and wander downstairs for a shower before coming back up, into the light, to finish getting ready.

Instead, he's done his best to turn the downstairs bathroom into a fully-fledged Man Bathroom, with a geometrically-patterned shower curtain and blue bath mat and he totally loves it down there.

Meanwhile, I spent hours cleaning and sprucing up my bathroom, as I now refer to it, before doing anything else once we'd moved in. Because I really wanted it to be a nice place to hang out.

And now we talk about our bathrooms, and after living in a very tiny house in North Carolina, and sharing a very tiny bathroom, this is really new for us, and I don't know how far it will go. This morning I discovered that J had taken the one bottle of saline solution we have from my bathroom and put it downstairs in his, and I found myself thinking, as I marched it back upstairs, "Who does he think he is? You can't just steal from me like that. This is war."