Politics have no place here

I started thinking about how I was going to get "Us Weekly" before my train ride home yesterday at about 10 a.m. I'd had a bad morning (missing not one, but two trains after forgetting to take my laptop with me and therefore needing J to drive me back home and all the way back to the train station again) and I needed more sleep and I decided that "Us Weekly" (which I do not buy every week, just so you know, only when it's really important) would be nice on the ride back. Really nice. I was looking forward to it all day. So I got to Grand Central about 10 minutes before my train was scheduled to leave, and I ran into Hudson News and went to get the latest copy of "Us Weekly" and who is on the cover? Barack and Michelle Obama.

Listen. I love the Obamas. I'm not going to get into politics right now because that's the one thing I seldom talk about on my blog, because it would take over and I'd never return to writing about things like, you know, my daily commute or whatever, important things, but suffice it to say I'm an Obama supporter. Absolutely. But I do not want Obama or any other political figure on the cover of "Us Weekly" because that precious space is best dedicated to Ashlee Simpson's pregnancy and whatever ridiculous thing Heidi Montag did that week. Come on! I bought it anyway. I bought it anyway because I knew the important filler would still be there, but seriously, if the people at that magazine don't get their priorities back on track, I don't know, I'm going to have to start looking forward to getting "People" or something, and everybody knows "People" takes up too much space with features about "everyday heroes" - men and women just like you and me doing the extraordinary. Doesn't anybody get what the public wants? I really hope so. I'm losing faith.