My lack of blog posts, my continuing expansion, my journey to enemy territory

I just realized I hadn't written a blog post in a week and I decided this was no good. I used to run to this blog whenever I had anything interesting or witty (or, at least, I thought it was witty) to say and now it's harder. I get home later, I get in bed earlier, I'm on the computer all day for work and it's harder to turn it on again after work, or on the weekend, to write. So, because I am a decent person with standards, including standards concerning the state of this blog, I've decided I'll try and do better. And to appease you all for now, I thought I'd post a picture of myself taken last week after a Yankees game. People like to see pictures of women when they're pregnant for some reason. I always thought I'd be the type never to post any anywhere public. Not that I'm ashamed, quite the opposite, I just thought I'd maintain my pre-pregnancy image online at least. But that's ridiculous. Even now, so early in the morning, I'd kill someone for ice cream. This thing has obviously taken a strong hold of my life. Might as well rejoice in it online, as well as off.


It's just too bad the word "Yankee" is displayed so prominently behind me. As though I were a fan. As though I could stand the team. As if. Go Red Sox! I admit, the game was fun. I'd never been to Yankee Stadium and it was truly a sight to behold. But as much as J tried, I'd never say it's better than Fenway. Luckily, he's got this picture of me to forever remind us that I was once there. And that I was happy.