Since Nora has learned to pull up on the furniture, life is a total guessing game, as in, which thing could the baby potentially hit her head on next. I look away for a second and she's hyper-crawled over to the basket of newspapers we keep in our living room, up on her feet, a death grip on a some section of the New York Times at the top of the pile as she wobbles and smiles at me. I did some basic babyproofing after realizing she can and will hoist herself up on the heavy metal fireplace set, but it doesn't matter, because all hitting your head requires is a floor. And you can't get rid of the floor.

So, you know, no more quietly drinking our coffee while watching Nora lie on her back on her activity mat. On the plus side, though, Nora is always up for showing us her dance moves, and a lot of the time she's more entertaining than the morning news.