Back in the swing of things

When I looked at my blog this morning and realized I hadn't written since last Monday, I felt a little lazy. No, not because I've deprived you guys, because I'm pretty sure you have other matters to attend to and can handle my online absence, but because I've been a little lax in terms of getting things done lately. A little into the television. I haven't even been reading much. In fact, I've become kind of intellectually stunted this summer, but more about that later. So I thought I'd at least write this short post announcing that I plan to improve. I plan to - despite the heat - settle into a nice, productive August; the first month in a long time where we aren't traveling every single weekend - coming home and hanging our duffel bag on the bedpost just to change the contents slightly and head off the following weekend. We are going to do some projects. PROJECTS! Including a bunch of work on our garden. I'll post some pictures later to show you what we've done so far. Because there's nothing like sharing your goals with the entire Internet to kick start you into action.