Music renaissance part two and Joel McHale (OR: disconnected thoughts on a cozy afternoon at home while the baby is napping)

I've been listening to the song "Daylight" by Matt and Kim a bunch on my iPod while I'm running and, yeah, I know that probably everybody who heard that song played in the ads for the NBC show "Community" downloaded it, and that it's not cool or novel to like it so much, but I can't help myself. Catchy, upbeat music has been where it's at for me the past few months, and while I'm merely inching forward - slowly - in my quest to find worthwhile new music, I am, indeed, inching. The song has the added bonus of causing me to, happily, think of Joel McHale (despite the fact that I don't really like "Community" and am glad he's still got "The Soup"), who I am a little bit in love with, and before you go saying anything, J, need I remind you of the adoration heaped upon a certain business and finance reporter every single weekday morning?