An almost-Thanksgiving post

I just took a look at this blog's homepage and realized that, first of all, I haven't written in a while and, second of all, recent posts make it look like I'm waaaaayyy into taking pictures of dogs in costumes. Let's face it, I am into that, but it's not like my life's passion or anything. It could be when I'm retired, I can see that, but I'm 31 for Christ's sake. Moving on.

1. I am so excited about the holidays this year. Much more excited than last year, much. I don't know if it's because Nora was so young last year, and I was a tired new mom or what, but I can barely contain my giddiness lately. A few people in my neighborhood have already put up the lawn decor and bright lights and I'm all, "Awesome! BRING IT!"

2. There's not a war on Christmas, guys. Please calm down.

3. I'm equally curious and worried about how much turkey Nora is going to eat on Thanksgiving. She loves turkey and when she sees an entire turkey and realizes that the food comes in whole form (in addition to simply deli meat) she's going to freak out. Hopefully everyone around the table will find this funny.

4. Fine. I admit it. We're totally into "The Biggest Loser" and I don't know how it happened. I also think someone should invent a drinking game where you chug every time someone cries on that show. Although that sounds a little cruel and could definitely result in alcohol poisoning.

5. My father, who obviously knows how to make me happy, sent me some French wine the other day. I've been trying to "get into" French wine for a very long time now to no avail, but the time is now, I've decided. Wine club, anyone?