Fears: About to be realized

As I mentioned, I came down with something after Thanksgiving - a short-lived but intense cold. I got over the fatigue and aches and other pains quickly but, since then, have gotten a real bitch of a little sinus headache every day, about midday. A total pressure buildup right in the middle of my face that is only alleviated by pressing my fingers down hard in the space between my eyes, which, by the way, isn't practical. I took an Allegra a few days ago and it totally did the trick but also kept me up all night as I have grown really sensitive to medication, like, it does what it's supposed to do and then some (I miss you, Excedrin). So I'm thinking about alternatives and, wouldn't you know, someone in this household has a gross little habit that he likes to call "using the neti."

I'm not as opposed to using a neti pot as I used to be. I mean, while I'm all in favor of modern medicine, I think preventing various conditions is a nice alternative, especially when it's done naturally.

Still, regularly sticking a teapot up my nostril seems extreme. And...I'm afraid. I'm afraid of what's going to come out, a feeling complicated by the fact that I can't run and hide in the bed under the comforter after whatever happens happens, because Nora, she needs constant looking after, it turns out.

So I'm taking slow steps towards engaging in this sick act and have a feeling that the headaches will eventually wear me down to the point where I'm willing to do just about anything to get rid of them, even if I have to make myself a cocktail first and do some meditation breathing.