"Justin knowledge"

Which shall be defined here for purposes of reference in future blog posts. I feel a bunch of J stories coming on... "Justin knowledge" is information that my husband imparts to me - or anyone - that is based on some theory he has developed out of thin air. He will tell you that the theory is, in fact, a hypothesis, based on pertinent facts and observations, but I don't know. And he presents the knowledge as though it is fact.

Here's an example, one of the first pieces of Justin knowledge that I realized might not be actual knowledge:

"You can't put Vietri (a type of Italian pottery and tableware that I am fond-of-bordering-on-obsessed-with) in the dishwasher!"

But, as I finally thought to check the Website and confirm this bit of strongly-worded advice, I realized that, happily, you so fucking can.

Yesterday he told me that the mailmen and women who work Saturdays aren't assigned that shift, but ask for it in order to pick up a little extra cash. Reminding me that I really needed to address this subject on the blog.

I'm struggling to think of some more examples right now (there are a lot) but if anyone would like to share an incident in the comments section, I'd love it.