Oh, by the way

I got a Subaru Outback and I love it so much. I got over the "big car" thing, although I still feel like it's huge when I'm driving it, if only because I've driven much smaller cars in the past. To prove this point, I misread the space I'd need to clear our driveway the other day and ran over a full bag of leaves that J had put out post-raking. He just stood there and shook his head sadly at me while I waved at him. And it turns out I'm this totally new kind of person with the Outback. Like, the kind of person who takes their dog everywhere, even if we're just running to the grocery store or something. Last night, in fact, we went to get our Christmas tree, which was then tied to the top rack of my car. As I drove down the road back to our house, Ceece riding in the passenger seat next to me, I was like, "What's up everybody? I'm outdoorsy. It's cool. I drive an Outback now. Maybe I'll take up kayaking, whatever. I mean, maybe not, too. Point is, I'm evolving."