Baby names

These are the names Nora has given to the beloved dolls that she often puts down for naps (face down on the kitchen floor, after gently singing "Twinkle Twinkle" to them) and lovingly feeds and is looking for almost constantly. So, you know, I'd better know which one is which. With the exception of Maggie, she named them all by herself. Um, obviously:


Coffee Baby

Different One



Laughy, who was given such a name because - you guessed it - she laughs, currently holds the place of honor as constant companion in Nora's crib, which is way, way better, than the period that lasted a couple weeks where she was demanding she sleep with this blow-up Dora the Explorer that I got from a street vendor one time when I was trying to bribe her into walking herself back to the car, rather than have me carry her there. That situation (basically, a plastic balloon in the crib) didn't seem safe. But all's well now as I let the air out of the thing and hid it in the basement. Shhhh. Just keep that between us and we're good. Nora can't read. Yet.