And I love him

Last night J and I decided we wanted to make dinner together after Nora had gone to bed to celebrate Valentine's Day. As it's tough to go out on actual holidays once you have a child, and I like to be in sweatpants by - oh - 8 p.m. or so lately this seemed the perfect way to celebrate a romantic holiday. I was making spaghetti and clams and J was putting the finishing touches on a fruit tart (which I am thinking very hard about right now...specifically how maybe it would be fine to eat the rest of it all in one sitting when I get home) when he asked, "What should we watch?" And then quickly corrected himself, "I mean, it's a romantic dinner. So we won't turn the TV on."

And I was all, "Or...we could totally get comfy on the couch and watch TV." And he was like, "YEAH WE COULD."

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day to the best guy I've ever met. Max and Karla, I'm so glad you guys got married.