I know you guys have been dying of suspense

So maybe I didn't complete all my goals. You know what I did do? Made a baby inside my body. 2011 Winter Goals

make the perfect pot of French press coffee go away for a child-free weekend with my husband finish "For Whom the Bell Tolls" FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST go to Stew Leonard's get a prenatal massage paint the dining room (do I ever mention to you guys how hot my husband is?) and kitchen (or, more realistically, make someone else do it) begin a knitting project celebrate President's Day 2011 with good friends (cheers, Chester A. Arthur!) organize the basement for real (see husband comment above) purchase and listen to Kanye West's latest album (seriously) make a photo album of our 2009 Italy trip take Nora back to Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk go to the movies...twice exercise three times a week (barring any unforeseen doctor's orders that I don't) - change this to "once a week" and I'm GOLDEN read The New York Times in bed