Ever since J used my favorite teapot to clean out his sinuses several years ago I've been pretty appalled by the idea of using a neti pot. Well, until a few months back when I thought I'd give it a try and realized it actually produces some pretty awesome results. It's taken me a while to get ok with the idea, but now I even encourage others to give it a try. I was just telling my mother about its nearly instant benefits last night, in fact, when she explained she was having sinus pain. She said back to me, "I don't like the neti pot," and I said, "Have you ever tried it?" and she said, "No." Then I told her the story of how I, too, had been firmly against the practice without even giving it a try. And that now, I was a convert. This morning I was explaining to J how I'd done the neti yesterday, due to some pretty intense sinus pressure, and how I was feeling better and maybe I should keep it up. And he was all, "Yeah, the thing with the neti for me, though, is..." and I was all of a sudden like, wait a second, why are we, as husband and wife, having neti pot conversations that are on the same level as discussing a favorite television show, and before I could ask him to please remember that I was only a recent fan of the whole business, and could we please take this slow, he was telling me about how there's always leftover mucus in the back of his throat, and there's this advanced form of doing the neti pot where you pour the water in through one nostril and it comes out of your mouth. And it comes out of your mouth. So that's when I had to forcibly shut him up and explain that, unfortunately, he'd just hurdled my neti pot evolution back to the dark ages, hopefully not causing so much damage as to put me off it forever.