Ok, so the party? The party was in Maine the week of the Fourth, and the only invitees were the people already staying in the house. But there were enough invitees to make it a PARTY. And we were celebrating an engagement and a birthday. Furthermore, there was an official invitation, sent by me and my father, via email that I wrote from my Blackberry while he and I were having lunch. So, guys. It was a party. And also, unrelated, yes, I'm the only person left in America with Blackberry. 1. run a 20K 2. get into tea 3. try cloth diapers 4. take a ride on the carousel at Lighthouse Point 5. sing Irish songs at an Irish bar 6. attend a lecture at Yale 7. plan weekly (or almost weekly!) dates with my darling husband 8. get a book deal 9. improve the home office 10. visit Essex, CT 11. take another cooking class 12. read three novels (not mysteries) 13. see a Puffin 14. take the kids to a baseball game 15. build a sandcastle 16. have a Dark and Stormy at McSeagull's 17. swim laps in a swimming pool 18. take a boat ride 19. spend lots of time in our back yard 20. have a party 21. grill some octopus 22. buy a record 23. make a photo album 24. get some sleep 25. go on a Sunday drive