"Touches the palate well"

I'm up in Maine for the rest of the month and the other day my dad and I were out and about in Boothbay with the kids, browsing the wine selection at one of the stores downtown, when I told him that I wanted to learn more about rosé wines, to which my father immediately responded, "I hate those," to which I quickly responded, "No, I mean good ones. Good ones, dad! There are good ones." And there are. I know because I've had some recently. But I know nothing about them and I'd like to learn more. See? We are solving all the world's problems up here.

Then I had another idea. I told my dad that while I'm here we should try some new wines and record our findings on a video wine blog that I'll post on this site. And he repeated the thing about hating pink wine and I was like, "COME ON."

We'll get to the rosés but the other night at dinner my father opened a bottle of Barolo that he told us was going to be magnificent; but when he tried it he was very disappointed and declared the bottle a total loss. He's crazy, because I tried it too, and while it didn't blow me away, it was good.

I grabbed my camera to capture the moment: