I wish that I knew what I know now

I was sitting here, at this desk, thinking to myself I that I should write something on this blog, because - first of all, millions, or at least five or so - people, depend on my writing something interesting that they can read each day, and also, writing regularly is good for my own personal sense of continuity and accomplishment. But I felt lost. Nothing much has happened lately worth noting. It's been nice out. I've gone for a few runs. I finished another murder mystery. Stuff like that. So I decided to look for inspiration in the past, and rooted through some old blog posts. September 2005 didn't yield too much - I was getting ready for the wedding in a big way - but September 2004, well! On this very day, two years ago, in fact, I was full of envy and respect and hatred for those people who sit in coffee shops and don't seem to work.

See, just when you feel the like you're getting nowhere, you realize just how far you've come. I am one of those people now. It's not exactly as glamorous as I imagined, but damnit, I'm proud of myself.